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Breen/StrategiSprint brings out our best in you

"After a 49-hour workshop with dynamic and intense interaction under Øivind's wise and humorous leadership, strategy work appears as a power-creating process that broadens perspectives. It is impressive what atmosphere Øivind creates for constructive cooperation in the strategy bubble he invites into. Full thrust from end to end, where no one gets out until the result is clear!"

Kari-Anne Haugen,


"Øivind Breen has led us through this process in a particularly good way, and we have had a process that we experience as both constructive, fun and of high quality. His StrategiSprint is a particularly effective way of working"

Jan-Arild Kingswick,

Purpose based

"Hensikt" er ingen god oversettelse og Milton Friedman sin gamle tese om at "the business of business is business" er utdatert. Verden trenger mer enn det. Verden trenger kommersielle aktører med en tydelig sosial logikk. Verdien av et narrativ som virker samlende, motiverende og tydeliggjørende kan ikke overvurderes - det bidrar til å sikre ledelse og ledelseskvalitet, posisjon i ulike markeder og grunnlag for vekst, utvikling og innovasjon.

Breen/StrategiSprint har bl.a jobbet med disse fantastiske selskapene


Breen contribution

The mission of is to unleash the energy and competitiveness of organizations. Strategic foundation. Position. Culture. Identity.
Branding and brand strategy. 

En gruppe mennesker under en StrategiSprint diskuterer innholdet på post-it lapper

 A clear strategic foundation

Strategic narrative is the clear story of what we are and why. It is the basis for development, for management, for the way of presenting. Communication must be based on a truth, a perspective and a will to change something, a vision, a mission and clarity.


Culture and values

Clarity in foundation, relevant values, involvement of everyone and "walk the talk". Culture eats strategy for breakfast, they say, but management chews on culture around the clock. The leader and leadership as a carrier of culture are crucial. Breen All Hands is a process that kickstarts involvement.

Reklameplakat av Breen_edited.jpg

Brand and identity

Anything that identifies your investments. The brand is how the world sees you, it is the basis for reputation, it is every association that comes to mind - and it must be managed according to target groups and purpose. Identity is everything from your visuals and symbols to internal pride.

About getting on the right side of history

Never before has the world had a greater need for smart organizations that use all their energy to do the right thing. The time has come to move from business intelligence to intelligent business, because the world needs change, because the world needs smarter companies and organisations. Milton Friedman's perspective "the only business of business is business" is fundamentally wrong.

Rethink Designstudio

The combination of StrategySprint and Identity Sprint

Breen + Rethink has formalized their collaboration and started it all by winning an exciting brand and identity project for HRP. Our collaboration will cover the entire breadth, but is particularly aimed at industrial identities and so-called corporate branding. Norwegian industry and Norwegian companies need strong and clear identities.

Øivind Breen

StrategiSprint is about where you are going and why

The following banal realizations should make everyone think about strategy with new eyes:

- All you did was once your future

- Strategy is a pattern of investments over time

In this context there are two alternative ways:

1. Develop by chance/accidentally

2. Develop by an ambition to become something distinct. 

Breen StrategiSprint

It is about developing strategic tools that inspire all your stakeholders to take the right actions.

To put into words the meaning of what you do. To make it clear that you are a business with a defined purpose. Describe your idea - beyond making money. Something that with direction to enhance pride and belief, something that will create energy, not only internally, but in all your relationships. 


Your products and services are constantly changing, but your basic idea must provide foundation. The role in all your markets needs a perspective that makes you deserve to be a success.

The old methods are for dinosaurs.

StrategiSprint is a 49-hour concentrated workshop. Tried and tested and based on several decades of experience from creative processes and the development of strategic foundations and narrative.


Should result in a defined mission, role, ambition, position, values... as well as strategic initiatives for further realization and projects. This is the modern process for defining clarity and direction.

About purpose based management
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