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UrbanLAB by Breen

UrbanLAB is an initiative based on interest - a kind of think tank for the office of the future, significance for management and for commercial real estate

UrbanLAB by Breen: Projects
Øivind Breen for Urban LAB

About the future of work. The hybrid working place. The work from anywhere future. The future office.

Workshops or keynote presentations.

What is the hybrid workplace? What will be the purpose of the future office? The layout and design of the office? 

Keynote presentation from 30-60 minutes, workshops 3 hours and up....

FREE! Get the pdf of "The Office after Corona"

(Booklet in Norwegian only as of August 2022) What you believe in for a better working day. ... An ideological standard bearer for Optimism has been the conservative Harvard Business Review. There they have had this theme on two front pages during four months 2020/2021 ... Digitization and technology are driving the revolution forward. The future of the workplace is changing. The freedom lies in exploiting all the possibilities ...

Rapporten Kontoret etter korona av Øivind Breen
Resepsjon i Shoreditch hotel Study tours... has arranged and participated in several study trips for architects, the real estate industry and groups with an interest in getting out and seeing what others  do.' role is mainly to help ensure that impressions are processed, discussed and have consequences ...


Developing and thinking new is a necessity. How about establishing a "lab" to think new thoughts ..

Workshop i

The interview in the latest issue of LederNytt no. 04 2021. The theme is related to management in a hybrid reality. Lectures can be ordered on the same topic

The picture from Ledernytt No. 04 2021

Øivind Breen intervjues i LederNytt
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