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"in this context, StrategySprint is by far the most engaging session we've ever been involved in..."



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Breen/StrategiSprint gets involved in customers through shorter and longer assignments, from lectures and small workshops to significant involvement. 

Green Tech

Nordic Demolition

Stema Rådgivning (SWECO)

Biovac miljøteknologi


Spring (nå Amesto Growth)

IKT Helse Nord

Sørlie Eiendom

Destinasjon Bjorli

Fora Form


Prospera (pro bono)

Senter for Eiendomsfag 

Art of Travel


Romsdalen Gondolen


Camp Tamok


Front Systems

Møller Mobility Group




"discussions included uncomfortable scenarios and tough topics..."

In our most recent collaboration with Breen, we carried out a StrategiSprint. The discussions included uncomfortable scenarios and tough topics. But this was absolutely necessary to find the right answers and the right strategic initiatives, both in the short and long term. In such an important company meeting, Øivind is absolutely crucial guiding the discussion on the right course, prioritizing the best ideas and contributing to conclusions and objectives.

Ola Spangen, Daglig leder/partner asas arkitektur

Ishan Kolhatkar

"helped us bring out our best..."

Really enjoyed working with Oivind Breen. He is incredibly adept at focusing teams to marshal their thoughts effectively. Never felt like he was imposing his own ideas. Always felt like Øivind helped us bring out our best.

Ishan Kolhatkar, General Manager (UK, ROI, ANZ),

Inspera Assessment

HRP Ledergruppe

"StrategiSprint is an effective method!! .."

We at HRP decided in 2021 to revitalize our brand strategy and profile. After extensive competition in the market, Breen AS won the assignment together with Rethink. Øivind Breen has led us through this process in a very good way, and we have had a process that we experience as both constructive, fun and with high quality. Hans StrategiSprint is a very effective form of work, and we look forward to a continued collaboration with Øivind also in the future.

Jan Arild Kingswick, CEO HRP

Thomas Spidsberg Rye

"intensive, raw and very engaging process ..."

StrategiSprint is an intensive, raw and very engaging process that along the way evokes the feeling you get when you lose your wallet and then when you find it again!

Thomas Spidsberg Rye, COO Ifront Karriere

Møyfrid Øygard

"Øivind was a commited, skilled and driving resource making us finally establish a strong vision and good, relevant values ..."

We used Øivind Breen as a skilled professional resource when we had a process to establish a solid foundation for culture, values, marketing and communication. All employees in five countries were invited to a process of workshops, before a small group was put together to implement StrategiSprint. Øivind was a committed, skilled and driving resource that made us finally manage to establish e.g. a strong vision and good, relevant values that 2.5 years later are stronger than ever in Admincontrol.

Møyfrid Øygard, CEO Admincontrol

Erik Osmundsen

"exciting, energetic - and clarifying ..."

We at Norsk Gjenvinning have worked with Øivind in several areas; both brand design, identity and communication where Breen and we worked closely together on what is now the vision of Norsk Gjenvinning, abbreviated in the slogan "there is no more rubbish". I think it is essential to express a clear vision and values - and in that connection, Breen was a clear and inspiring sparring partner…. "

Erik Osmundsen, CEO of Norsk Gjenvinning

Norsk Gjenvinning
Det finnes ikke søppel mer
Eivind Thorsen Skarpaas

"you get more done in 2 days than what you else spend weeks or months to do .."

The unique thing about Øivind Breen and StrategiSprint is that you get to do more in 2 days than what you otherwise spend weeks or months on. But the most important thing for us at Stema Rådgivning is that we would never have come up with something we would have been so happy with - if it were not for Øivind, his methodology, energy and creativity. When we in the management team spun around and did not see the answers, he got us on track. We managed to see ourselves in the big picture, and together we found the answer to the important questions: The story of who we are, why we exist and where we are going - with a new and clear vision that will have a great impact on the way we work on and our priorities ahead.

Eivind Thoresen Skarpaas, CEO STEMA Rådgivning

Olaf Thommessen


"These were two wonderful, inspiring and productive days. A workshop with temperature and space for open thoughts - which landed concretely, from mission, via goals to a sketch for implementation. Our purpose was to raise awareness of our strengths and to challenge ourselves further. StrategySprint delivered almost above expectations. It was liberating to have such a concentrated process outside of everyday life. The glacier was well prepared and guided us with an energetic combination of challenge, inspiration and conclusions… "

Olaf Thommessen, Adm dir  SMB Norway

Arne Landmark

"framework for renewal and commitment ..."

«The management group in Backe Greater Oslo needed to renew its strategy work and gain new energy and motivation for further development of the company.  Breen contributed with its methodology and way of being to create a framework for renewal and commitment which gave the management team clear ambitions and initiatives for further work. Close and good follow-up even after the gathering did not make the gathering a "stunt", but a basis for good and systematic work with strategy and action plans »

Arne Landmark,  Adm dir Backe Stor Oslo

Bernt Sørlie

"the best strategy workshop ever..."

... We were so lucky to get to know Øivind through an inspiring session on «Strategies for commercial real estate». It gave more flavor, and Øivind has been a fantastic resource in our strategy work. Øivind's expertise, inspiration, commitment, humor and superb communication skills contributed to the best strategy work ever. We have a clear and inspiring strategy. Our "Vision, Mission and Ambition" helps to make our daily work aware, make us positively different and interesting so that we appear as one of the best providers of office workplaces in the country in the future.

Bernt Sørlie, CEO of Sørlie Eiendom

Camp Tamok
Marius Lindholt

"inspired, challenged and actively contributed..."

"Front Systems works with digitalisation of the fashion trade and has, among other things, the ambition to contribute to the physical store's opportunities to create better customer experiences. This gives us exciting challenges related to mission, identity and positioning for the future. The process and format of StrategiSprint gave us an energetic and inspiring arena and Øivind Breen both inspired, challenged and actively contributed to solutions we bring with us for further implementation. There is no doubt that we landed more in a few hours here than we have done in many months with others processes… »

Marius Lindholt, CEO Front Systems

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