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Who is Breen?

Øivind Breen, StrategiSprint sitter ved sitt skrivebord

Øivind Breen established in 2006 and has never hidden the fact that the purpose is to work with the development of clients without thinking about his own growth or building an organization.

The mission and ambition of Breen/StrategiSprint is a value-proposition


Breen/StrategiSprint is based on years of experience and this project is personal. In all meanings of the word.


Guided by the values wholeheartedly, challenging, positive and energetic, the ambition is to be your most inspiring and practical-creative partner.

Breen works directly with large and small clients and shall contribute with the same enthusiasm and power regardless of size. The objective is to define foundations for growth, desired position, ambitions and create the opportunity to build strong cultures.

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Øivind Breen intervjuet i Finansavisen midt på 90-tallet_edited.jpg

Breen. Experience and background

I've done a lot. I have worked with many. Nationally and internationally, with big and small. The essence of StrategiSprint is of course my own experience.


Norwegian Naval Academy. Economics (no degree) at the University of Oslo. Master in Business Administration (Siviløkonom) from BI. Programs and Master classes from INSEAD and Hyper Island.


Navy officer. Ex-politician. Product Manager. Copywriter. Creative director. Film Director. Strategic Director. Managing Director/CEO. Board member. Consultant. One man band.

The picture: "An officer and an ad-man". Facsimile from an interview in Finansavisen in the mid-90s :)

Image by Nathan Jennings

Breen mission statement

The mission of is to unleash the energy and competitiveness of organizations

Ever since my first job within the SAS Airlines system when Janne Carlzon was boss, I have enjoyed turning pyramids and cultivating visionary management.

I think in terms of purpose based management and I am convinced that companies with a clear idea of why they are are the ones who will create the future.


I love strategy, but hate boring strategies.

Organizations that have forgotten themselves or are not honest in their entirety, those that think operational excellence is a strategy or think KPIs are the same as clarity - I would like to convert them.

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