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StrategySprint is a workshop made to define your strategic foundation, position, ambitions and define strategic initiatives

Thomas Spidsberg Rye,
Ifront Karriere

“StrategiSprint er en intensiv, rå og svært engasjerende prosess som underveis fremkaller følelsen man får når man mister lommeboka og deretter når man finner den igjen!"

Møyfrid Øygard,

" Øivind var en engasjert, dyktig og drivende ressurs som gjorde at vi til slutt klarte å etablere bl.a. en sterk visjon og gode, relevante verdier som 2,5 år senere står sterkere enn noensinne i Admincontrol."

Erik Osmundsen,
Norsk Gjenvinning

“Som leder mener jeg det er vesentlig å uttrykke en klar visjon og verdier - og i den forbindelse var Breen en tydelig og inspirerende sparringspartner”

Workshop Breen StrategiSprint

StrategiSprint is 49 hours about purpose based management and the balance of commercial and social logic.

A workshop to discuss in ways you have never done before. Concentrated. Focused. is well prepared, in terms of understanding your objectives, supplying the right tools, creating the situation. There is no other way out than to the result.


StrategiSprint is inspiration and references, reflection and development, keynote presentations and a lot of work. The purpose is 100% to discuss and conclude topics you would never get to otherwise...


Who should do a StrategiSprint?

StrategiSprint is about purpose and initiatives to action.

The topic is equally relevant regardless of industry, regardless of size. I have worked on this topic together with investor companies, technology companies, architects, public initiatives, industrial companies. You are not allowed to be tired of sustainability.

Skjermbilde 2022-06-15 kl. 22.23_edited.jpg

What is the output from Breen/StrategiSprint?

  • Inspired actions. StrategiSprint is a process to help you describe your purpose

  • Positioning and productivity. StrategiSprint is about direction and clarity

  • Answers to the "why, how, what". StrategiSprint discuss perspective, opportunities, ambitions, role

  • Increased management quality. StrategiSprint works unifying, motivational and clarifying

  • Possibility for stronger and better teams. StrategiSprint secure mandates and strategic initiatives

  • Holistic thinking. StrategiSprint provides the foundation for all strategic thinking, the dream and the logics

  • Stronger communication. StrategiSprint defines your strategic narrative, brand and identity

Fargerik hotell lobby i London, Shoreditch_edited.jpg

How is StrategiSprint carried out?

Breen/StrategiSprint is carried out at a suitable conference hotel. Start is 1600 day 1 and finish is 1700 day 3. Two days away. The point is to get away from everyday life to give the task and the discussions full attention.

In terms of experience, we find places with the shortest possible travel route, all facilities and excellent conference organisation. The picture is from London, not the shortest route for most people in Norway, but is flexible and works internationally.

Image by Carl Heyerdahl

What happens after StrategiSprint?

It is up to you. Basically, Breen/StrategiSprint ends with you defining initiatives, but the following are also common tasks for Breen afterwards:

  • Identity development. Visual identity for all surfaces and channels, including web development. Breen + Rethink Design Studio

  • Brand strategy. Including a BrandBook. Breen + Rethink Design Studio

  • All Hands. Various internal implementation and involvement processes

  • Values and culture. Collaborate with your internal resources to bring the narrative to life and ensure deliverables

  • The customer journey. How does the outcome of StrategiSprint affect your deliveries

  • Regular work with the management team. On demand

The world from space

Why did Breen develop StrategiSprint?

Never before has the world been in a greater need for smart organizations that use all their energy to do the right thing. 


Understanding how you play a role in a world that is in need of change, understanding how you can combine business success with making the world a better place - a place that survives itself.

The golden circle med hvorfor, hvordan og hva

What is a strategic narrative?

A strategic narrative is the story of what we are for whom and why. It is the basis for our development, for our management, for our way of presenting ourselves.


Communication must contribute to build what we are and want to be, it must be based on a truth, a perspective and a will to change something, a vision, a mission and clarity.


Our strategic narrative. We must:

- mean it

- believe it

- stand for it

- have passion for it

- fight for it

- think that basically that is what applies

There can be no celebratory speeches and hot air

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